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A Trading Plan is vital to give structure and consistency to any trading approach. No business would function properly without a proper business plan.

Many traders fail to have one or if they do, they tend to not to follow it or say things like it is “in their heads” and most struggle to make consistent profits as a consequence.

We believe that the more consistent you are with your action, the more consistent your results, therefore the aim of the course is to help you build your Trading Plan in a way that makes you more likely to stick to it.

A Plan that is based on your own trading profile and help you to choose the variables of your Plan that make the most sense to you, making it easier for you to follow your chosen rules.

You will also learn to log trades and to analyse and interpret your logs so that you can update your plan and gain efficiency and confidence in your approach as you accumulate trade results and experience.

When attending this course you would typically meet traders in the early stages of their development or traders with experience that are going through a reset period reorganizing what they do in trading to produce the required structure leading to consistent action and therefore, consistent results.

Completing this course will help you:

  • Understand the different elements that should be included in a Trading Plan
  • Create realistic goals for your trading and investing
  • Create or re-create a plan that is much easier to stick to
  • Analyse your trading profile to create a plan that suits your capital, time allocation, risk tolerance, personality and more
  • Drill down into methodology and strategy that suits you best
  • Master trade logging and how to update your plan over time

Learning Path

  • What is a Trading Plan?
  • Content within plans
  • Goals
  • Psychology
  • Self-Analysis
  • Interpretation
  • Choosing the right variables
  • Routine
  • Strategies
  • Logging
  • Condensed Plan

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