Bitcoin –

Bitcoin held the lower part of the range between $30,000 and $42,000 and traded towards $29,000 for the first three weeks of July setting an intra monthly low of $29,337 on 20th July. Price moved towards $40,000 in the final week of July.

US Dollar –

The U.S. Dollar closed -0.3% in July at 92.11, cancelling the month’s gains having reached a three month high of 93.20 on 21st July. The month started positive as speculators continued to back the dollar against currencies such as Euro and the Yen according to CFTC figures, a move strengthened by positive Nonfarm Payrolls, CPI and Retail Sales data.

Singapore Dollar –

The Singapore Dollar closed the month at $1.3536 and ended slightly weaker against the U.S. Dollar after taking advantage of the U.S. Dollar decline from the highs against major currencies in the last week of July.

Chinese Yuan –

The Chinese Yuan Renminbi closed at $6.4614 after the U.S. Dollar had the largest two-day drop in the past six months, ending the month almost where it began.

Asia Tech –

Technology stocks in Asia followed their Chinese counterparts lower in July after the Chinese government took action unfavorable to Chinese technology and education companies.

Oil –

Brent crude oil traded lower for the first three weeks of July after peaking at $76.80 and eventually recovered from the low set at $66.91 to end the month 1.9% higher versus June at $75.22.

Key Figures –

Source: ICE Connect, ~30 Days

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