ˢᵘʳᵛᶦᵛᵃˡ²ᵐᵃˢᵗᵉʳʸ FOREX in Action | LIVE EXCLUSIVE




  • Starting Time-Schedule:
    • US: 8AM Eastern EST
    • UK: 1PM / Europe: 2PM
    • Middle East: 4PM (Summer) / 5PM (Winter)
    • Asia: 8PM (Summer) / 9PM (Winter)
  • Instructor: Check the Date drop-down menu above
  • Format: 7-day LIVE on-line delivery - 3 hours per day (weekend) + 2 hours per day (weekdays)
  • Recordings: A recorded broadcast will be made available soon after the live training concludes each day
  • Computers: Bring your own laptop or tablet as well as your mobile phone
  • Trading Technology: The AutoUFOs®and AutoClimateᵀᴹ Trading Apps for TradingView will be activated complimentary and will remain active during 3 months to allow for practice time starting on the purchase date


  • Platforms: TradingView, MT4/5 and Market Replay Technology
  • Styles of Trading: Intraday, Swing and Position/Investing
  • Trading Instruments: FOREX (while each trading product is different, the concepts and techniques taught in the course are applicable to other trading instruments as well)
  • Curriculum:
    • Trading Expectations
    • Trading Technology
    • Trading Styles
    • Entries and Exits
    • Market Climate
    • Order Flow
    • Market News and Reports
    • Risk Management and Sizing
    • Forex Market Terminology
    • Forex Market Mechanics
    • Edge Time-Frames
    • Trading Methodology
    • Trade Managements
    • Logging Trades
    • Trading Psychology
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