Hello Becky,

On your last live session, I saw that you used the 144 min chart for AutoUFO & fell back on to a weekly AutoClimate chart for a conducive & sustainable directional movement. I believe this is for swing trading. What setting should a day trader use? (someone who trades for the first 1-1.5 hrs of market open). I tried the 5 min AutoUFO with various settings of AutoClimate like 15 & 30 min but didn’t get very supportive entry points. If I wait for the big blue dot on a long trade, I miss a significant move. What fractal-ratio do you recommend on a AutoClimate chart for a 5 min or a 1 min AutoUFO chart?

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Answered question

Please note, I am new to both AutoUFO & AutoClimate and currently evaluating them both. I see a great value in each of them individually but I believe that the real power comes from the combination of the 2 charts πŸ™‚