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In your daily overview,

  1. What are the units of d/w/m Expectation values? Is it a %age of the current price or +/- value of price?
  2. Is there a simple formula for computing d/w/m moves from volatility? or is it a 1SD of the range on each timeframe from the option chains?

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I would like clarification. The expected moves in the newsletter are regarding the movement of volatility on these assets, not the market, but their corresponding volatility symbol that follows, correct? For example, today’s newsletter says: S&P $VIX.X 3803.79 22.38% ±0.54 ±1.18 ±2.46, so am I reading it correctly that this implies that $VIX.X has an expected daily move of +- 0.54, an expected weekly move of +- 1.18, and an expected monthly move of +- 2.46?

You are reading it correctly… While we have paused the daily overview videos (we will have them back soon), we would suggest to watch an old one to understand the concept better. Here is an example: https://youtu.be/BEqv9omeBVA