I’m sure this is mentioned on a video, but there are so many of them to filter through to find the answer to these questions.  I think I’ve been using incorrect numbers this whole time, so please verify for me:

Using AutoClimate, under Settings, changing the amount of ticks changes some results.

1.  The ATR Spread and the Current numbers always remain the same.  But the UpSTD and DownSTD results change whenever the “BarsBack”  number changes.  What is the proper number of ticks to lock in for all futures?  (I’m on a 15-minute AutoClimate, but I guess it could be a Daily, or whatever.)

2.  AutoClimate is designed to work on any future and any time frame.  So, can I put AC directly on a 2-minute chart, just like I’d put on a MACD or Slow Sto, and assume the same settings as in question #1 and have it work properly?


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