On 1-20th both the IWM and SPY have taken out their respective monthly’ lows. As mentioned in the Sharpening session, the breach of the IWM 208.76 & the SPY 448.92 confirms the short entry even for the Dow. By the way, the NASDAQ exchange traded fund (the QQQ) was the first one to lose it’s December’ low. As of now, the DIA has not, but most likely will follow the lead of the other three ETFs.

Mark Johnson Posted new comment January 22, 2022

Hi Josip,
I looked at the Dia Synthetic long trade today, SAT Jan 22, 2022. the original trade had a Jan 21 expiration. So I looked at planning the trade new today based on the way you did it in the Jan 8 session and It did not appear to be a viable trade.
Reasons: Extended Auto Climate
On 144 minute Time Frame, the nearest
UFO above current price was at 364, and
current price was 342.36.
The nearest Green UFO Distal line was at
330.71. (The Target)