Contract Specifications (as of 23 August 2021)

  • Symbol: SGD
  • Expirations: All Months
  • Min. fluctuation: 0.00005
  • Multiplier value: S$0.50
  • Trading Hours: 8 AM – 6 AM Singapore (closes 2 hours per day)
  • Initial Margin: $131
  • Average True Range: 0.0048

Key Attributes –

Mini U.S. Dollar/Singapore Dollar Futures contract with a contract size of USD 10,000 is cash-settled. Retail investors are able to access this contract without having to be qualified investors and professional investors focused on arbitrage strategies will be enabled to come inside the SGD spreads with the lower tick size. The reduced product size allows clients to optimize their capital exposure allocation and flexibility to utilize financial leverage across multiple products giving portfolio diversification opportunities to the client.

Brokers offering this product include KGI Futures and Phillip Futures.

Technicals (Daily) –

  • EMA (21): DOWN Trend
  • Trendline: DOWN
  • RSI (14): FALLING
  • Stochastics (14): OVERSOLD
Source: ICE Connect

Spot FX US Dollar / Singapore Dollar (USD/SGD) price fell which indicated Singapore Dollar (SGD) strength from 20th August high 1.3655 at the upper Bollinger Band ® to the close of the month 1.3447 below the lower Bollinger Band ® and oversold conditions on the Stochastics.

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