US Dollar Index® July 2021 Mini Market Commentary

Daily Trend: RANGE

Source: ICE Connect

DXY continued to rally to make a new three month high. The U.S. Dollar finally faltered at a pocket of resistance between 93.20 - 93.46 and set the July high of 93.20. As it dropped, prices broke the May short-term uptrend, took with it the month’s gains, and rendered the market with no clear direction. The market closed at 92.11 with a -0.3% change.

Upcoming High Impact Events -

  • Wed 4 Aug ADP Employment Change
  • Fri 6 Nonfarm Payrolls
  • Thr 12 Aug CPI
  • Tue 17 Aug Retail Sales
  • Thr 19 FOMC Minutes
  • Mon 30 Aug GDP

US Dollar Index® Correlations -
The charts identify price turning points between U.S. Dollar Index ®, Brent Crude Oil (BRN) and Bitcoin (XBT) which could be used to identify periods during which prices of each of the markets appear positively or negatively correlated.

Source: ICE Connect

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