US Dollar Index® June 2021 Mini Market Commentary

Daily Trend: UP

Source: ICE Connect

From the 1st June low 89.66, DXY cleared the early June high set at 90.62 as the consumer price index rose 5% from a year ago highlighting inflationary concerns which could mean higher interest rates in the future. Price rallied strongly to close the month at 92.32 after the FOMC statement indicated increased rates in 2023.

Upcoming High Impact Events -

  • Fri 2 Jul Non-Farm Payrolls and Unemployment Rate
  • Thr 8 Jul FOMC Meeting Minutes
  • Tue 13 Jul 13 CPI
  • Fri 16 Jul Retail Sales
  • Thr 29 Jul FOMC Statement

US Dollar Index® Correlations -
The charts identify price turning points between U.S. Dollar Index ®, Brent Crude Oil (BRN) and Bitcoin (XBT) which could be used to identify periods during which prices of each of the markets appear positively or negatively correlated.

Source: ICE Connect

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