Combining Trading Techniques To Enhance Performance

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During This Live Training:

  • How to enhance your current trading results without having to change much of your current methodology
  • A simple additional step to your trading system (no matter your trading methodology) that can make all the difference while saving you tons of time in front of the screen
  • Instant access to free resources so you can easily implement the concepts taught in the session

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Orlando F.
Stocks, Options And Futures

Yes Jose – great review and following the way you work and think the trade…

Dirk W.
Options And ETFs

Good tip, Jose !!!

Jeevak K.
Futures And Currencies

Thanks Jose for being patient with my questions

Kael W.
Forex And Cryptos

I’ve learn a lot from the psychology side – how to control our emotions

About Your Host

Jose Blasco
Stocks, Options, Futures And Forex

Jose Blasco is a multi-asset trader who specializes in options, equities, futures, and currencies. Since he began trading in 2008, he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on global markets, trading both directional and non-directional strategies across multiple timeframes. In 2011 he began sharing his expertise as a trading instructor, delivering training in-person as well as online and appearing on live broadcast events. Jose has developed innovative trading technology as the Principal of traddictiv PTE.LTD, where he also mentors traders worldwide. In addition, Jose has served as an engineering professor, and he taps into his love of technology to teach online trading techniques. His multilingual skills allow him to travel the world and keep abreast of global markets.