There are many theories that try to explain why markets move either up or down. An undeniable fact is that, behind the scenes, there is an underlying force made of buy and sell orders which pushes prices either up or down when those orders get executed.

The reason why the orders are there in the first place can be really diverse (news, geopolitical events, company earnings, fundamental or technical analysis theories, pure speculation, artificial intelligence, algos, trading robots, hedging needs, etc.), but their very existence is responsible for price movement, meaning that without them being executed, a market would not move at all.

Therefore, the process by which buy or sell orders change from being Un-Filled to being Filled is responsible for those market movements.

The above concept is the reason for the name of this app: Un-Filled Orders (UFOs).

AutoUFOs™ is an app that plots price regions in a chart that resemble flying saucers. They are located where potential buy and/or sell orders are in an Un-Filled state. Those potential orders are expected to be in waiting mode and could be executed once that market revisits or returns to those flying saucers producing market movements where markets would travel from flying saucer to flying saucer (green to red or red to green).

Hedgers and professional traders or investors often rely on those Un-Filled Orders (UFOs) to identify when to buy or when to sell right before a market movement is about to happen or about to stop.


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