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Live Cohorts

Experience the power of live learning where you interact directly with top instructors for unparalleled skill enhancement.

Course Dynamics

  • Global Scheduling: All time zones worldwide.
  • Expert Instructors: Each cohort led by multiple specialized instructors.
  • Course Format: 7 days of intensive live online sessions, up to 3 hours daily.
  • Access to Recordings: Available soon after each live class.
  • Platforms & Styles: Utilizes TradingView and other platforms; covers all styles.
  • Diverse Trading Instruments: All Trading Products.
  • Trading Technology Access: 30-day access to AutoUFOs®ᴾᴿᴵᴹᴱᴿ for TradingView for practical skill development.

All assets and more

From $144 to $987

Anytime On-Demand

Access comprehensive English and Chinese course materials at your convenience for flexible, self-paced learning tailored to your schedule.

Ongoing or Rapid?

  • Two Access Options: Choose between 'Ongoing Access' for lifelong course availability, or 'Rapid Access' for a dynamic 30-day completion track.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Progress at your own pace. and access course content at any time.
  • Comprehensive Content: Full access to extensive course modules covering all trading styles and products.
  • Continuous Availability: 24/7 access to course recordings and materials for uninterrupted learning.
  • Multi-Platform Accessibility: Use platforms such as TradingView for a versatile learning experience.
  • Extended Technology Access: 30-day access to AutoUFOs®ᴾᴿᴵᴹᴱᴿ for TradingView, enriching practical skills at your convenience.

English or Chinese?

  • Bilingual Content: Course materials available in both English and Chinese, catering to a diverse global audience.
  • Worldwide Market Data: TradingView offers market data and charts for a wide range of global markets, including the US, the Chinese markets and more.
  • Adaptable for Diverse Traders: Ideal for English-speaking traders targeting US markets, Chinese speakers in or outside China trading Chinese or US markets, or even those interested in OTC or decentralized products.
From $8 to $233

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between LIVE EXCLUSIVE and ON-DEMAND?
ON-DEMAND means that you are granted access to the course materials for you to use them at your own pace. You would gain access to a library of self-paced videos, written materials and more.

LIVE EXCLUSIVE means that we are meeting on specific dates and times and in order to benefit from the training you need to be present on such special days. Such exclusive events can take place either in person or online. Registered students also get access to recordings after each live session concludes.
Does unrestricted retakes mean I am entitled to attend and re-attend the courses as many times as I want?
The ON-DEMAND courses are there forever and as we update them, you will benefit from such updates.
LIVE-EXCLUSIVE students are also entitled to re-attend the LIVE EXCLUSIVE courses (ON-DEMAND too) at any other time in the future and for as many times as they would like. For logistics reasons, we do ask our LIVE-EXCLUSIVE students to request their re-attendance at least 2 weeks prior to the chosen course date.
How do I get the apps activated for free when I purchase a course?
Most of our courses provide a 3-month complimentary access to our apps for TradingView so new and/or experienced students can practice with the use of our technology and shorten the learning curve using market replay.

You will be requested your TradingView ID. when you purchase a course. We will use such ID to enable the apps for you. You will receive a confirmation email once it is done within the day.

It is totally fine if you do not use TradingView yet as their free membership is sufficient to be able to learn, plan trades and execute. If you do not have it yet, you can use the below link to get your own free TradingView ID - select 'Try free basic'.
How are your courses different from any other course out there?
Our SURVIVAL2MASTERY courses are designed to make you mechanical and objective in trading.

All actions are rule-based and all emotions are pushed out of the equation when running the trading methodologies that are part of the courses.

Most of our courses provide a 3-month complimentary access to our apps for TradingView so new or experienced students can practice with the use of our technology.

The use of technology built-in our courses reduces the learning curve and speeds up the process by which a trader not only acquire knowledge but also starts gaining experience.

Our apps can certainly be replaced by other tools or even manual market analysis as the trading processes taught are presented as a black box system where some boxes could be substituted by other techniques (not that we suggest doing things by hand as it opens the door for subjectivity).

Our SURVIVAL2MASTERY courses focus on making sure you learn to do the right thing to not to hurt your capital and from there open the door to performance.

As the name suggests, apart from a specific and explicit methodology, the courses help you master risk management, trading psychology and other important topics that go hand in hand with clicking the button.
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We are the traddictiv® team

Devoted to support traders committed to develop their skills using quality education paired with powerful coaching and enhanced by the use of innovative and easy-to-use trading technology that mitigates the challenges attached to today’s busy lives as well as the impact of trading emotions.
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What our clients are saying

Applicable to monthly subscriptions
Applies to SURVIVAL2MASTERY students
Attended at least 50% of available lectures
I’ve learn a lot from the psychology side – how to control our emotions
Kael Wong
Thanks Jose for being patient with my questions
Jeevak Kasarkod
I took it live for 1 contract. Filled at $1.22
Mark W Johnson

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