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Frequently asked questions

The traddictiv® apps have been designed to be part of any trading/investing methodology ranging from short-term to long-term styles. They can be applied to all time-frames and all chartable markets and they can be combined with any trading methodology working as an enhancer or used by themselves when the trader’s priority is keeping things simple.

Beyond risk/money management or beyond trading psychology and more, we like to think of trading methods as step-by-step processes that can be broken down in two key parts we call “Q1” and “Q2”…

Q1: “Should I be a Buyer or a Seller? Or should I simply avoid Trading and not Trade at all?” is a critical question to be answered even before starting to plan a new trade as most trading mistakes are made when trades are taken at the wrong time. There are many techniques on how to get an answer to Question 1, at traddictiv® we like to use AutoClimate™.

Q2: “What is potentially an ideal Buying Price or Selling Price?” is a key question to be answered once we know which side of the market provides an edge for our trades. That way we can add precision to our entries and exits which has a massive impact on risk management and performance. There are not too many ways to answer Question 2 that are precise enough when selecting trading prices. At traddictiv® we are lucky and proud to have AutoUFOs®.

AutoClimate™ and AutoUFOs® run on TradingView, MetaTrader (MT5, not MT4) and TradeStation®

AutoClimate™ addresses a critical question to be answered even before starting to plan a new trade as most trading mistakes are made when trades are taken at the wrong time.

AutoClimate™ helps us define the current market environment in order for a trader or investor to understand if it is time to trade or not yet, and if so, if probabilities suggest long is better than short or vice-versa.

AutoUFOs® analyzes any and all financial markets looking for signs that denote the potential existence of Un-Filled Orders (to either buy or sell).

AutoUFOs® plots buy and sell “UFOs” on price charts (shaped as round flying saucers). Traders use them to define entries, stops and targets with great precision. Traders often combine other techniques (Fibs, Support/Resistance, Technical Indicators, Moving Averages, Bollinger Bands®, Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis/Value Investing, etc.) and make sure their entries and exits coincide with a UFO on the chart to potentially add odds to their trade ideas.

AutoUFOs® is also used by large commercial companies looking to hedge the currencies, commodities and more they use in such businesses.

In case you haven’t guessed… UFO is the acronym for Un-Filled Orders 😉

Apart from email support, our app subscribers are supported via live trading sessions in our public YouTube Channel and everyone is welcome to join and participate even if you are not an app subscriber yet. Feel to join our trading sessions, explore the use of the apps by observing the instructor trade applications and demonstrations and make sure you ask questions and participate. Click HERE to see the full calendar of sessions. Have fun!

  • TradingView is an independent charting service. Not a broker.
  • TradingView provides charts for almost every single market in the world: Cryptocurrencies, Forex, CFDs, Market Indices, Futures, Stocks and more (in most countries worldwide).
  • Market data is free and real-time for many markets but delayed in some cases which imply a market data subscription to receive real-time ticks.
  • TradingView has a multitude of broker APIs that allow TradingView to be connected to brokers such as TradeStation® and many more. These connections not only allow trades to be executed directly from TradingView, but are a solution for when the needed real-time market data is payable in order to avoid such fees.
  • TradingView has a Basic Plan which is Free and paid plans with additional functionality are available as well.
  • TradingView is also available for mobile devices via a mobile app, which replicates and works in a synchronized manner with the desktop version of TradingView. Our app subscribers often use the mobile app to check new UFOs that form as the day progresses and use the TradingView mobile app to implement their trade management rules (moving stops, scaling in, scaling out, changing targets and so on).
  • AutoClimate™ and AutoUFOs® do not require any paid plan with TradingView and work perfectly with the Free Basic Plan TradingView offers to everyone. Click HERE if you do not have a TradingView username yet.
  • Once subscribed to AutoClimate™ and/or AutoUFOs®, our activations team will require your TradingView ID. to be able to activate the app. The delivery and installation of such apps is automatic and nothing needs to be done by the user.
  • AutoClimate™ and AutoUFOs® run on our MT5 cloud service (not MT4).
  • MetaTrader is an open source trading platform millions of traders use worldwide to trade Forex, Cryptocurrencies, CFDs and any other decentralized financial product. Other instruments such as Futures may be available too, but it is rare to find brokers providing centralized products through MetaTrader.
  • There are 2 commonly used versions of MetaTrader: MT4 and MT5. From a user interface point of view, there are only a few differences between MT4 and MT5, but when looking inside, the differences between MT4 and MT5 are significant (for example, MT5 allows for multi-threading and takes full advantage of modern computers where MT4 does not. MT5 also allows for markets other than Forex to be charted and traded and this is just to name a few of such differences).
  • Keep in mind that when a MT4 or MT5 platform is shut down or the computer running it is turned off, most trading instructions stop running, therefore performing certain processes on the client side instead of the server side can be a problem (setting alerts or setting automatic trailing stops for instance).
  • Our MT5 apps run in a 24/7 cloud service where MT5 is accessible from a web browser and does not require any local installation (similar to a VPS service, but where its cost is already included in the subscription fee).
  • Our 24/7 cloud MT5 service allows connecting to any MT5 broker no matter the broker and no matter the country as long as it is MT5 ready. If you are currently using a MT4 broker we would suggest checking with them to see if they can convert your account to MT5.
  • Please keep in mind that MT4 accounts would not connect to our MT5 service in such case we would suggest the use of our TradingView apps, which are broker-agnostic.
  • Once subscribed to AutoClimate™ and/or AutoUFOs®, the delivery and installation of such apps is automatic. The user would then select the favorite location where the cloud service would reside in and the system would create the MT5 environment with the apps in it as native tools of MT5. Finally, users would need to select their broker from a drop-down menu and input their broker account username and password.
  • TradeStation® is an advanced broker and multi-asset platform.
  • There are multiple versions of the TradeStation® platform such a desktop, web and mobile.
    AutoClimate™ and AutoUFOs® run on the desktop version of TradeStation® (no web, no mobile).
  • The delivery and installation of the apps is done through the TradeStation® TradingApp® Store which makes the apps to show as native inside TradeStation®.

We provide a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE policy that applies to our monthly app subscriptions.
The best way to trial and experience the apps is to register for one of our courses since most of our courses grant students access to AutoClimate™ and AutoUFOs® for TradingView during 3 months at no extra cost. That way, traders become knowledgeable enough on the use of the apps and are ready to trial them with a proper understanding of their options thanks to the training received.

The prices of our apps vary depending on the platform where they run.
TradeStation® has an app store, TradingView requires a manual activation, MetaTrader requires a cloud service. This and the fact that each platform has a different programming language that may or may not allow for certain functionalities impacts the subscription fees of our apps.
*Example of programming language limitations: TradeStation® and MetaTrader report UFO performance stats where TradingView does not (the user guides for each of the apps show the complete set of functionalities available).

  • Monthly subscriptions are available.
  • Yearly subscriptions are available.
  • A special Yearly All-Inclusive Plan is available where all is included (apps for all platforms as well as all courses/coaching).

Money Back Guarantee

Applicable* to monthly coaching plans and monthly apps subscriptions

*Applies to SURVIVAL2MASTERY students
**Attended at least 50% of available lectures



Learn at your own pace or attend unique courses delivered LIVE only in special key dates

*We record everything we do
**Recordings are always available

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AutoUFOs® & AutoClimate™ for TradingView are included^ with most of our courses^^

^3 months are complimentary
^^LIVE and ON-DEMAND both

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