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Time-saving, dynamic and adaptable trading technology that provides traders with an essential EDGE in today's markets governed by Artificial Intelligence

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ON-DEMAND and LIVE exclusive courses to have you equipped with powerful KNOWLEDGE allowing you to understand what to do and what not to do when trading

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Daily LIVE trading sessions to help transform your knowledge into a proper SKILL through supervised practice keeping emotions and bad habits under control

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We Combine Smart Trading Technology With Education And Coaching To Save You Time And Keep You Safe When Trading As Well As During Your Learning Process

Frequently asked questions

We are a trading technology company providing tools for traders, investors and hedgers.
Our clients range from individuals trading from home all the way to professionals executing trades in family offices or fund environments.
We also supply our technology to commercial companies looking to hedge.
We are the engine behind what we do in

You are using as you are reading this 😉

  • ˲tradewithufos is a portal which provides access to traddictiv® apps, traddictiv® courses and traddictiv® coaching.
  • ˲tradewithufos is the brand we use in our YouTube Channel or our social media representing the community of users trading with traddictiv® tools.
  • Our approach to trading has as a key goal to achieve and retain consistent performance.
  • Consistent action leads to consistent results and therefore, to us, it is all about being mechanical and managing Trading Emotions.
  • While markets became electronic many decades ago, some traders and investors still approach trading like it used to be done before computers took over.
  • Limiting the analysis to manual methods carries great disadvantages since computers do many things better and faster than human beings do.
  • Apart from adding probabilities or saving time, Trading Technology tools are key to make sure that Traders always run mechanical processes when Trading.
  • Our SURVIVAL2MASTERY courses are designed to make you mechanical and objective in trading.
  • All actions are rule-based and all emotions are pushed out of the equation when running the trading methodologies that are part of the courses.
  • Most of our courses provide a 3-month complimentary access to our apps for TradingView so new or experienced students can practice with the use of our technology.
  • The use of technology built-in our courses reduces the learning curve and speeds up the process by which a trader not only acquire knowledge but also starts gaining experience.
  • Our apps can certainly be replaced by other tools or even manual market analysis as the trading processes taught are presented as a black box system where some boxes could be substituted by other techniques (not that we suggest doing things by hand).
  • Our SURVIVAL2MASTERY courses focus on making sure you learn to do the right thing to not to hurt your capital and from there open the door to performance.
  • As the name suggests, apart from a specific and explicit methodology, the courses help you master risk management, trading psychology and other important topics that go hand in hand with clicking the button.
  • In the end our ultimate goal is our clients’ satisfaction and this is directly in line with their own trading results.
  • Proper results in trading (or anything in life) imply proper skills which normally come from practice beyond the attendance of one or many courses.
  • In this sense, we are committed to stay close to our clients as they use our tools so they can be supported while they practice so no bad habits are developed in the process.
  • In the end: “Experience tells you what to do; Confidence allows you to do it. – Stan Smith” and we acknowledge that confidence is not something that can be taught in a course.

We Are the traddictiv® Team

Devoted to support traders committed to develop their skills using quality education paired with powerful coaching and enhanced by the use of innovative and easy-to-use trading technology that mitigates the challenges attached to today’s busy lives as well as the impact of trading emotions.


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Applicable* to monthly coaching plans and monthly apps subscriptions

*Applies to SURVIVAL2MASTERY students
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Learn at your own pace or attend unique courses delivered LIVE only in special key dates

*We record everything we do
**Recordings are always available

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AutoUFOs® & AutoClimate™ for TradingView are included^ with most of our courses^^

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