Experience the power of live learning in our Cohort Trading Course, where you interact directly with top instructors for unparalleled skill enhancement.

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Cohort Courses Overview:

Logistics & Schedule:

  • Global Scheduling: Times are structured to accommodate various time zones globally, including US, UK, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.
  • Starting times: US: 10:30 AM Eastern EST / UK: 3:30PM / Europe: 4:30PM / Middle East: 6:30PM (Summer) / 7:30PM (Winter) / Asia: 10:30PM (Summer) / 11:30PM (Winter)
  • Instructors: Multiple expert instructors are assigned for each cohort.
  • Format: Intensive 7-day live online delivery. Duration is up to 3 hours per day from Saturday to Friday.
  • Recordings: Recordings will be available shortly after each live session.
  • Technology Requirements: Participants are required to use their own laptops or tablets, along with their mobile phones.

Workshop Dynamics:

  • Platforms Used: Courses utilize platforms like TradingView (and others) as well as Market Replay Technology.
  • Trading Styles: Courses cover a variety of trading styles including Intraday, Swing, Position, Investing and more.
  • Diverse Instruments: Each course focuses on a specific trading product such as Stocks, Futures, Options, Forex, CFDs, Crypto, etc. In all cases the techniques and concepts are applicable across various trading instruments no matter the product used during the course. Some courses such as Back-testing, Trading Plans or Trading Psychology mix different trading products to provide a greater level of diversity to the cohort.

Key Elements Discussed In All Cohorts:

  • Understanding Trading Expectations and Technology
  • Learning Different Trading Styles, Entries, and Exits
  • Gaining Insight into Market Climate and Order Flow
  • Mastering Risk Management and Sizing
  • Exploring Specific Market Mechanics and Terminology
  • Developing and Applying Trading Methodology
  • Effective Trade Management and Logging
  • Enhancing Trading Psychology

Unique Features:

  • Trading Technology: Participants will be granted access to essential tools including AutoClimateᵀᴹ for TradingView and the exclusive AutoUFOs®ᴾᴿᴵᴹᴱᴿ for TradingView, available for 30 days. This access period is designed to provide ample practice time, facilitating skill development that extends beyond the acquisition of course knowledge.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Each course dives deep into its subject matter, ensuring a thorough understanding of the specific trading environment.

Benefits of Completing the Course:

  • Mastery over specific trading product, language and mechanics.
  • Deep understanding of leverage usage and risk management.
  • Development of a complete, rule-based trading methodology.
  • Enhanced efficiency in learning and trading using advanced technology.
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