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Jose Blasco

Jose focuses on multi-asset trading with options, equities, futures, and currencies. He trades both directional and non-directional strategies, across multiple time-frames.
Jose Blasco is a multi-asset trader who specializes in options, equities, futures, and currencies. Since he began trading in 2008, he has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on global markets, trading both directional and non-directional strategies across multiple timeframes. In 2011 he began sharing his expertise as a trading instructor, delivering training in-person as well as online and appearing on live broadcast events.

Jose has developed innovative trading technology as the Principal of traddictiv PTE.LTD, where he also mentors traders worldwide. In addition, Jose has served as an engineering professor, and he taps into his love of technology to teach online trading techniques. His multilingual skills allow him to travel the world and keep abreast of global markets.

Louise Carr

Louise primarily focuses on Futures and Forex trading, with multiple time-frame analysis pivotal in her disciplined rule based approach to trading. Seeking out Intraday trading opportunities in Futures and using the Forex Spot for swing trading.
Louise is a multi-asset trader predominantly focusing on the Forex and Futures markets.
Louise began trading back in 2009 after leaving a successful career in the financial services industry to start a new business venture. Louise had previously been an investor in the real estate market and felt trading would be a perfect fit.

Apart from her trading experience, Louise brings with her additional 10 years of experience in the financial services industry where she carved out a career for a multinational bank holding various advisory and management roles. Her later years in the banking industry were spent designing and delivering training programs for employees at all levels from customer advisors, mortgage advisors to working on an award-winning leadership program.
Louise has always been interested in trading the financial markets and after many years of experience enjoys being able to give back.
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Josip Causic

Josip has been trading Options since the Tech Wreck. Coming from academia, his teaching background is a valuable asset when training others. He is enthusiastic about passing his wealth of knowledge to those eager to learn.
Josip specializes in Options trading using various spread structures while focusing on minimizing risk.

After dismissing his family's financial advisor, during the Tech Wreck, Josip embarked on the journey of trading. The major corner turning experience came when the former Market Maker’s knowledge of Options trading was applied.

Excited to share his knowledge, multiple Options articles were written and published online. Over the past decades, many have learned from him the importance of risk management in Options trading.

Becky Hayman

Trader and Student Support Expert. Becky Hayman is a passionate Trader specializing in Forex and Futures with a vast experience in supporting students.
Becky Hayman has been in the markets since 2013, with particular experience in the Forex and Futures markets.

She specializes mainly in trade plans and back-testing, helping traders build their own unique trading plans and understand how to test them effectively and efficiently.

Having worked in education for multiple years, from teaching classes to one-on-one coaching, Becky is passionate about the learning process for students of trading.

A passion to travel fuels her love for the financial markets and she hopes to use her experience to help others shorten their learning curves and achieve their own goals efficiently.

Bojan Petreski

Multi-Asset Trader and Engineering Consultant. Bojan Petreski is a passionate Trader specializing in Digital Assets, Forex, Futures and Equities with a very efficient use of advanced trading technology.
Bojan Petreski is a financial trader sprouting from two very different walks of life: Computer Science and Construction.

An avid technology enthusiast, resulting in an engineering degree, yet stern professional with over 10 years’ experience in Construction Management, Bojan never quite found his calling and passion until he started trading in 2012.

Bojan's interests include motorcycles, gaming, swimming and spending time with his family.

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I took it live for 1 contract. Filled at $1.22
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